Jose Cuervo

Meet Jose Cuervo

When I first joined Tripawds in 2017, like many, it was because my beloved dog, Gabby, lost her leg to osteosarcoma and sadly lost her fight 4 months later. We still miss her greatly. She arrived at our home a year before our older dog died. Jose Cuervo, you read that right, arrived at our home a year before Gabby died. Yes, I was nervous when he showed up. He was skinny and about 2. We tried to find his owners but no one claimed him or was looking for him.


Convinced he was a mutt, I had him DNA tested. He came back American Bully with no know health issues. Fast forward to today and on Monday he came home from having surgery for osteosarcoma and multilobular osteochondrosarcoma (MLO). Skull cancer! 

We took him first to our vet because he would sway from side to side and back and forth. She couldn’t find anything but some back pain. about 2 weeks later, he was walking like he was on a boat on rough seas and would fall down if she shook. We took him to an ER were originally told he most probably had wobblers and the bump on his head (which appeared to have gotten bigger from 2 weeks ago) was nothing. We were referred to a neurologist that couldn’t see him for 6 weeks so I contacted my vet to find another and it’s a good thing. She knew immediately what was going on and a week later he was in surgery.

Here he is now home. We are still waiting for the results of the tumor and once we have that, then we make plans for radiation. He is also on homeopathic meds from Dr. Loops in Pittsboro. He also treated Gabby and I found what he sent was very helpful. I wish I did more extensive bloodwork or asked more questions. Maybe she would have lived longer.

This was before surgery. You can kinda see the bump.

This is an older pic. Happy Holidays!